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Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, simply surrounded by assholes.

- William Gibson

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Everyone must drop what they are doing - immediately - and read the West Series by runawaydreamer I haven't even managed to write a review yet as I am too busy rereading it for the fourth time.

"I want to go get some new underwear though, I draw the line at second hand gitch." - Stephanie Plum

Thank you so much for those who hook up their stories in ePub.  I have become attached at the hip to my eReader and the commute to work has gone from dreary to lovely now that I'm basically drinking my coffee with one hand and reading porn in public with the other.   And if I'm being honest, not being in ePub doesn't stop me.  I'll print out and read paper copies.  In public.  While sitting on the train next to an elderly person.  Yeah, I said it.

"If I hadn't waxed my head I would be dead now." - Gus, Psych

I've got to say it.  If I even hear the music to Brokeback Mountain I start to cry.  Full on, like a 5 year old girl, cry.  And I can barely watch it, the romantic sweet bits in the beginning are all the worse for how it ends.  And then when Enis is crying in the little alleyway behind that building when he thinks he'll never be with Jack again?  Last bit, when he's holding Jack's shirt, I lose it.  Every damn time.  Now I'm just talking about it and I'm getting all mush.

Sorry, just had to lay it out there.  And thanks again to tianhuayoucao for your ePub-ing efforts.  They will be well appreciated on the commute to work tomorrow :)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I can envision a day when the brains of brilliant men can be kept alive in the bodies of dumb people." - The Man With Two Brains

I have since discovered the wonder, the amazement of those lovely authors who have posted in ePub.  I cannot tell you all how wonderful your foresight has proven.  I now am struggling to find time to actually go to work when there is all this fic at my very fingertips. 

"You want to feel how hard I can punch?" - Zombieland

...of a Sony eReader.  And I'm loving it.  However here is my difficulty.  Apparently, you can't download both ePub files and pdf files, it'll mess the whole thing up.  And how is a girl going to download all of her favourite fics now?!  I ask you!

If anyone has thoughts on this, much appreciated!

"It's a trick.  Get an axe." - Ash, Army of Darkness

So I wake up from this unholy dream of the most bizarre assortment of people being at my friend's house during a tornado.  I had this dream once before only I was there alone and couldn't find the basement and it was stressing me out.   I think I will eat a fine breakfast to shake it off and while I dream of hot chocolate and sticky buns and pancakes and omelettes and fried potatoes and coffee all I have is oatmeal and fruit.

But that's not the point of the story.  

So I figure I will go for a run like a civilised person.    I manage not once, but twice to get stuck in mud.  Not stuck per se, but I thought it wouldn't be that soft and stepped in it anyway and my shoe squelches and I barely catch myself and then subsequently get mud up my legs and then inside my socks.  

Come home and shower etc and get a message from my friend saying that class is going to be taught online by the Gracie team leader in Mexico!  I am very excited.  I get my stuff together and head out, only to be thwarted by public transit at every turn.  I make it on time though and who should I see but that fine teacher I fancy dressed in jeans and t-shirt and clearly not fighting today.  Perfect, I say to myself, and strike up a conversation, fully intent on finally getting to the actual asking out phase.  I've got my big smile on, the come hither look, and that's when he introduces me to his boyfriend who came with him today.  Yep.

So class starts and is awesome and a purple belt asked me to demo with him for some new people and it was awesome and basically awesomeness abounded until we start rolling (basically get someone and have at it for five minutes each) at which point my partner says, "your sleeve is covered in blood."

*Alert! Gross part of story*
So last week I got some pretty ugly gi burn on my elbows and had wrapped it etc but then forgot to bandage it before class because I was all caught up in my dreamy teacher who's boyfriend is totally hot and all I could think was, "well that figures" and then tried to console myself with thinking he probably doesn't even like going to the Planetarium which is one of my favourite things and damn I'm a nerd and subsequently when I was fighting the skin that had only started to heal over my elbows tore open and had started bleeding all along the inside of my jacket.
*Alert! Gross part over*

So I cleaned up, managed an okay fight for the first two rounds with some fine people (this includes a fine, fine sweep on my part) and then got the absolute crap beat out of me third round.   Race home to wash the blood out of my gi, hop in the shower and discover-delicate flower that I am-that my hip has a whole patch of skin missing the width of my belt from when Mr. Look What I Can Do pitched me over top of him holding only my belt and my neck (I dug my knee in his belly after though, plus he gave me gauze for my arms, so it all worked out).

Pretty myself up in my going-out jeans and fine top and meet a couple of friends for supper.  Hadn't seen them for a little while, so it was nice and apparently I should start watching Sons of Anarchy.  I ate enough for three full grown lumberjacks (see above under 'delicate flower that I am') and then race downtown for a party for my friends birthday at the Ballroom, a cross between club, bar, and bowling alley.  True story.  Pretty good music though.  So good times commence despite my poor bowling and I ended up having a fine conversation with a bartender who was wearing the most fantastic suspenders ever and who kept smiling at me even though I was only drinking water.  

Got home at almost 2:00am after an interesting trip on the subway, rebandaged myself and then went to bed, didn't dream about crazy southern weather, and woke up at 12:00 noon with my cat tucked into my arm and the glorious realization that I have nothing to do today except eat, sleep and read.

And that is how I spent my weekend.

"Nothing says 'massive head trauma' like a bowling ball." - Woody Harrelson, Zombieland

So clearly it's time that I posted something, as I haven't in far too long.  Simply put, the Leafs are still not in a playoff spot, I learned a new song, and baked Smartie Cookies this afternoon. 

And got bangs.  Which takes me one step closer to Superhero.  Should be any day now.

"The best revenge is not living well.  The best revenge is revenge." - Margaret Cho

The Color Purple. 

Which movie always makes you cry?
Every damn time.

So here's this about that, I have discovered that I have the week between Christmas and New Year's off of work and am looking to read as much slash as humanly possible.  I'm aiming mostly for Christian Kane/Chad Michael Murray, J2, Sam/Dean is always nice, and I'm finding Holmes/Watson to be plenty enjoyable as well.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

"Do you ever think you smell fudge when there is no fudge?" - Warehouse 13, Season One

I learned something today. 

Seems that the upswing of being sick is getting to read copious amounts of fanfic.  For hours.  Make up a bed on the couch, have kleenex, water, Neo-Citran and soda crackers at the ready and then proceed to read an amazingly fantastic story by obstinatrix.  I paused only once to ascertain the soup, and then right back at it.  Then after wrapping myself in the sheer delight that was this story, I took some Tylenol, cuddled in my blankets and soon everything was right with the world.  Ah, slash.  It's good for what ails you.

The Moon Is New

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